– Do you know Lily, or do you know how to contact her?

NO. We do not know Lily, we have never met her and we have no contact with her what so ever. Neither have we got contact with anyone who knows her.

– Am I allowed to use the things here at Adoring at my site?

That depends a bit on what you would like to use. Adoring Lily Collins is here as a source for everyone to get Lily Collins things, so you are of course allowed to use all of our graphics etc. on your profiles at forums, livejournals, MSN and more. However, we would appreciate that our graphics and exclusive content not to be reposted at any other sites without our permission, and with a clear link back. Just ask us – we will 99% sure let you use it, as long as you’re nice enough to ask first :) We do not like it when people steal stuff from the site – but we do love to share.

As for the images in our gallery, we do not claim ownership of any of them what so ever (with the exception of the screencaptures, which are captured by us unless stated otherwise). However, we have spent A LOT of time collecting them for our site, so we would really appriciate it if you could give us a link back credit if you decide to use any of our images :)

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