2012 Coachella Music Festival

Lily attended this year’s “2012 Coachella Music Festival” on April 13/14 and was interviewed at the Mulberry BBQ Pool Party. You can read the interview below, she talked otherwise about her excitement to see Bon Iver and Florence and the Machine and that she can’t wait until next year’s Coachella Festival.

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She’s playing Snow White in a new film adaptation of the classic fairy tale, but Lily Collins came out of the woods to talk to us about music moments (and the Mulberry monsters!) at our Coachella party in Palm Springs.

This was my first Coachella and I absolutely loved it. I was most excited to see Bon Iver and Florence and the Machine and both were absolutely incredible live. They made the festival extra memorable to me – I can’t wait until next year!

My festival essentials were my phone, wallet, lip balm, a scarf in case I got a little cold, some sunscreen and I even kept an umbrella in there just in case because the weather was so unpredictable this year!

The fact that I can be dancing in the rave tent and ten minutes later be standing watching Bon Iver sing live is what makes Coachella so special. It’s so unpredictable and the people-watching is amazing too, so many characters. The funniest things I saw were probably some of the outfits…animal costumes, and body suits completely decked out!

I’ll never forget dancing and having the best time with my friends in the rave tent watching Sebastian DJ. We all let loose and had such an incredible time. Being part of a crowd like that is such an experience. Seeing Tupac’s hologram was a highlight too! That was incredible.

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