About Adoring Lily Collins

Luminous Lily Collins was created late 2011 by Isabelle. She had been a fan of Lily since “The Blind side”, and finally decided to open her very own site for in October 2011.

Isabelle got accepted for hosting at The Fan sites network by the lovely Gertie, and we had the domain Lily-Jane-Collins.org. The amazing Samantha created our very first layout, and we where ready to roll! The site officially launched on November 27, 2011.

The goal with Luminous is to give fans an unique, in-depth and FUN resource for one of my all time favorite celebrities! We aim to bring you all the latest news and photos, while also focusing on in-depth information sections, interact, fun stuff, graphics and career facts.


Due to personal issues, Ina took over the site in January 2012.

I’ve (Ina) always been a huge fan of Lily and when the movie “Abduction” hit cinema I was even more motivated in making a Lily fan site. At this time Isabelle had to give up a few sites (due to personal issues) and I was lucky enough that Isabelle committed me LLC, since I know how much this site means to her and how much effort she put in it. I later renamed the site to Adoring Lily Collins (January 2012), since I had my difficulties with the previous name.


My name is Jess, and I adopted the site in 2013. One of my favorite Lily films is The Blind Side. In 2015, the site domain had changed because of our original host closing down. We are still Adoring Lily Collins, just at lily-collins.net! We definitely miss our original host, Fan Sites Network, but we wanted to continue with the site and now we are at a paid hosting.