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Lily on Why “To the Bone” Is So Personal to Her

Featured on an article for V Magazine, Lily explains why her new film To the Bone has a personal connection.

Lily Collins on Why Her New Film ‘To the Bone’ Is So Personal to Her

In To the Bone, Lily Collins plays Ellen, a 20-year-old illustrator whose battle with anorexia has brought her to the brink of death. Collins, petite even by Hollywood standards, had to lose serious weight in order to play Ellen. It’s the sort of role that someone who once suffered from an eating disorder, as Collins did, might shy away from. But she embraced the complicated challenge in a healthy way. “[The producers and director] were all female and they were very motherly,” she says. “We worked with a nutritionist, and [the weight loss] was done in a specific, calming, loving way.”

Collins read the script for the film—based on director Marti Noxon’s own struggle with the disorder—in the midst of writing Unfiltered, a book of personal essays. She had just finished a chapter on her eating disorder. “It was like the universe throwing it at me, saying, ‘I think this is something important for you to go through.’” Having overcome her issues, Collins is able to bring a sense of hope to the role. “I had all of the stages there to give to Ellen,” she says. “She doesn’t know how to reach them yet.”

From the very beginning of the film, there’s a steely strength to Ellen. The same can’t be said for other characters at the group home where Ellen is admitted. That’s the reality of addiction: many addicts never recover, but the hope is that movies like this can help. “I would have loved to have seen something like [To the Bone] when I first started having my problems,” says Collins. In the end, Collins lived with the character for the month it took to complete the film. “It was a really long month,” she says. “But how awesome to face a fear head-on like that?”
To the Bone will be released worldwide on Netflix July 14.


Lily for InStyle

1930s Style Slang with Lily

You might know your cropped flares from your bomber jackets, but do you know your cheaters from your ground gabbers? If the latter terms don’t sound familiar, we don’t blame you: They’re actually fashion slang used in the ’30s. (Cheaters are sunglasses, and ground grabbers are shoes, by the way.)

To help transport us to that bygone era, we couldn’t think of anyone better than the lovely Lily Collins. We enlisted her help to give you a rundown of the time period’s best slang—and show off plenty of sumptuous fashion inspired by the decade, of course. So why is she especially fitting? She stars in Amazon’s new show The Last Tycoon, which takes place in 1930s Hollywood and features amazing retro clothes and accessories. We chatted with Collins to get the scoop on her character, her favorite wardrobe moments from the show, and more.

Scroll down to learn about Jazz Age slang with Lily Collins and read our interview with the actress!

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Gallery Update: Photoshoots

I’ve added two missing photoshoots to the gallery from this year. I will be adding more missing photos soon!

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Gallery Update: New Photoshoot

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Net-A-Porter’s “Edit” Magazine

Lily and her Love, Rosie co-star, Sam Claflin, are featured in Net-A-Porter’s online magazine, The Edit. Check out the photos and video below!

Magazine Scans > Magazine Scans from 2014 > The Edit – October 2014
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“Writers” TIFF Portraits

Two portraits featuring the cast of the movie “Writers” during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) have been made. You can check both of them, in HQ, in our gallery!

Gallery Links:
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People’s 2012 World’s Most Beautiful Woman

Looking fabulous without any make up, Lily is featured in People Magazine’s 2012 World’s Most Beautiful Woman. The issue will hit newsstand this Friday! Be sure to check the full outtake out in our gallery as Lily looks utterly stunning! The behind the scenes video of the photoshoot can be watched right here.

Photoshoots > 2012 > People

With her ethereal good looks, singer Phil Collins’s daughter was the obvious choice to play Snow White in Mirror Mirror, opposite Julia Roberts. But the budding actress, 23, didn’t always appreciate her unique features. “It used to bother me – having bigger, fuller brows,” she told Seventeen. “Now I embrace them. I’ve realized the quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful.”


Gallery Update: Photoshoots & Events

Trying to catch up on all the latest I’ve added all the recent events and photoshoots to the gallery!

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Additional Outtakes: Stella Photoshoot

Thanks to my lovely friend Olivia, I was able to add over +50 outtakes of Lily’s lovely “Stella” photoshoot. Please make sure to credit our site, if you post these elsewhere, thanks!

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