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“Personality opens doors, but character keeps them open.”

Lily Collins isn’t that famous yet, but the London-to-LA transplant is about to become a very recognizable face, thanks to her starring role as Snow White in Mirror Mirror. (Fun fact: She also auditioned for the other Snow White flick which stars Kristen Stewart!)

Luke Crisell met up with Collins at her grandmother’s old apartment in Beverly Hills – they later went to a flea market and a gay bar full of singing drag queens (Lily’s choice, by the way), to talk about what’s next.

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Vanity Fair Photo Booth + Additional “MM” Stills

Thanks to Just Jared Jr., I was able to add new movie stills and a behind the scenes photo of “Mirror Mirror” to the image archive. I also uploaded a photo booth image of Lily and “Glee’sDianna Agron.

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Miscellanous > Photo Booth: Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2011
Movie Productions > 2012: Mirror Mirror > Mirror Mirror: On the Set
Movie Productions > 2012: Mirror Mirror > Mirror Mirror: Movie Stills

Lily thought ‘Mirror, Mirror’ role was a prank

Lily Collins thought she was the victim of a prank when she was offered the lead role in ‘Mirror, Mirror’.

The 22-year-old actress admits she was initially ”angry” when she received a call asking her to play Princess Snow White – the biggest part she has ever had – because she was convinced it was a joke being played at her expense, and became overwhelmed with emotion when she realized the offer was genuine.

She said: ”It was April Fool’s Day, so when I got the phone call I thought someone was playing a prank on me.

”I was quite angry and thought, ‘If this is someone’s idea of a joke, it’s not funny.’ But then, when I realized it was true, I burst into tears and started screaming. It’s the role of a lifetime.”

Lily – who is the daughter of musician Phil Collins and his second wife Jill Tavelman – has always wanted to be an actress but felt it was important to complete her education before embarking on her chosen career path.

She told Hello! magazine: ”I could have started earlier than I did but I wanted to wait until I’d finished high school because I wanted to be ready, mentally and emotionally, to take on the rejection side of this business.

”You get told ‘no’ so many times that if you are the sort of person who takes ‘no’ as a deterrent, then maybe this isn’t the right profession to be in.

”I’ve always been driven, which I think is something I’ve inherited from both my parents and I wanted to put off my career until I felt ready to face all the nos.”


“Mirror Mirror” Update: Stills, Posters, On Set

I’ve added some new “Mirror Mirrormovie stills, posters and a behind the scenes photo to the gallery:

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Movie Productions > 2012: Mirror Mirror > On the Set
Movie Productions > 2012: Mirror Mirror > Movie Stills
Movie Productions > 2012: Mirror Mirror >Posters

Magazine Scans Update: Nylon, Seventeen, Elle

I updated the gallery with recent magazine scans (including Nylon, Seventeen & Elle).

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Magazine Scans > 2012 > Seventeen – March 2012
Magazine Scans > 2012 > Elle – March 2012
Magazine Scans > 2012 > Nylon – March 2012

Marni at H&M Collection Launch – February 17

Looking as awesome as always, Lily attended yesterday’s (February 17) Marni at H&M Collection Launch. Photos have been added to the gallery, so make sure to check them out!

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Appearances > 2012 > Marni at H&M Collection Launch – February 17

Cosmopolitan Scans (March, 2012)

Lily is featured in the Cosmopolitan and looks absolutely fabulous. Scans can be found in the image archive, I really adore this editorial.

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Magazine Scans > 2012 > Cosmopolitan – March 2012

Seventeen Cover Shoot

Lily graces the “Seventeen” March issue cover and looks absolutely as adorable as always! The issue hit newsstands on Tuesday, February 7th, so make sure to grab your copy. Some highlights of the interview can be read below and make sure to watch the behind the scenes video. She talks otherwise about her style, her upcoming movie “Mirror, Mirror” and much more.

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Magazine Scans > 2012 > Seventeen – March 2012
Photoshoots > 2012 > Seventeen

“I really, really love Lucy Hale. We kept running into each other so many times at events and finally we decided to just hang out and we’ve been friends for a while now.”

“My last name may have opened doors, but I have to keep them open.”

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The Hollywood Issue 2012

Lily is gracing the The Hollywood Issue 2012 of Vanity Fair (March) among other rising actresses (including Rooney Mara, Mia Wasikowska, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, Elizabeth Olsen etc.). The behind the scenes video can be watched below and and the article can be found under the cut!


Magazine Scans > 2012 > Vanity Fair – March 2012

WWW.VANITYFAIR.COM: In the first-ever Hollywood Issue cover shoot from Vanity Fair contributing photographer Mario Testino, a bevy of Hollywood’s most precocious beauties lounge across a three-panel foldout—including two new Oscar nominees.

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“Mirror, Mirror”: International Trailer

The international trailer of “Mirror, Mirror” has been released! The upcoming fairy tale flick was set to be released on March 16, but it was pushed back to March 30, 2012.

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